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Wednesday's Child Adoption Update

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One of the most frequently asked questions about Wednesday's Child is whether the children get adopted once they are featured? The answer is yes. This week we have an update on some of the children who have been waiting for a forever family.

We met Justin in February. He was about to celebrate his 14th birthday and was hoping for what he called the gift of a lifetime. He told us military service is a family tradition, something that he wants to possibly continue.

"I either want to be a U.S. Marine or if I can't do that I can do baseball", said Justin.

Justin said he found a way to adapt to being in foster care after almost two years, but his hope was to be adopted.

"Just someone I can call mom and dad again", Justin said.

Justin is now in a placement with a family and waiting for his adoption to become official.

Also in a placement with a family, Ravon and Tywain, who likes to be called Ty. We talked with them last month about their hopes for adoption. Ty and Ravon have been in foster care almost 7 years.

"I think I was 10 when they moved us away from each other again. So it would be great to have a home where you guys have a home together? Yes mam", Ty said.

"It was difficult but I learned to cope with it just take it day by day", said Ravon.

Ty and Ravon said they wanted parents who are responsible and caring.

"I just want to settle down in a home instead of going from place to place", Ravon said.

"Like to travel, have fun, go out, lovable people", said Ty.

According to the Department of Human Services, 383 children have been placed in homes since last year. 128 are still waiting for their forever families. But Ty, Ravon ,Justin and dozens of other children finally have their happy ending.

To learn more about adoption and the children who are waiting for families call the Mississippi Adoption Resource Exchange at 1-800-821-9157.

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