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A Super Trooper's Story

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When we first brought you the story of MHP trooper Marvin Henderson last November, it was about his extraordinary determination to overcome adversity.

The Marine veteran of the Gulf War had lost a leg in a motorcycle accident.

But his perseverance and dedication to remain a trooper was what we showed you.

And when he thwarted a robbery in an exchange of gunfire during a robbery attempt at the Metrocenter parking lot last Friday, that was one more reason to bring his story to light.

"I heard someone say, 'he's got my purse.' I started moving in that direction. My first instinct was to run and possibly try to tackle him. I was running and as soon as I took my first four steps I heard another shot I knew that wasn't my shot because I had holstered my pistol. Once I saw the handgun and knew they had committed a crime of armed robbery with a handgun I knew they had to be caught," said Henderson. 

Here's hoping that Marvin Henderson has a long, safe and successful career.

And that this super trooper continues to make a difference!

That's my Point of View.

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