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Mom says bullying has gone too far at Port Gibson High

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PORT GIBSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Five stitches, a swollen lip, and a black eye are what's left on Mersediez Bailey's face after a fight at Port Gibson High School on Wednesday.

She claims to have been trying to get her boyfriend out of the melee but was injured in the process.

"The next thing I know, he hit me with a brass knuckle in my face. You could see your finger through my lip."

Mersediez's mom, Michelle Harris, says it's one of many problems encountered at the school.

Her son, Michael Bailey, was suspended when he jumped in to help his sister, but Harris says Michael has been bullied since January.

Harris says she has made numerous complaints to the principal at the school against the group of ten or so alleged bullies.

"My son's stuff keep gettin' taken, y'all ain't doing nothing about it. They keep pushing stuff under the rug," explains Harris.

The Port Gibson mom says some of the alleged bullies have been punished by educators but not enough is being done.

Claiborne County Schools Superintendent Elijah Brown says it hasn't been brought to his attention the Bailey children were possibly being bullied.

However, there are state and county guidelines in place.

"We usually go through an interview process to find out what's causing the problem and then we move on. We follow our policies," explains Brown. 

Brown later explained the school system is investigating the Wednesday afternoon fight to determine who was involved and why it occurred.

It doesn't appear that will ease the mind of a worried 15-year-old because she claims there are threats being posted on Facebook against her.

"I'm nervous because my brother and my boyfriend isn't there. Them's the only two reasons I'm nervous, and I don't feel that I should go back to school," says Mersediez.

Harris says she has filed charges against one of the students who allegedly hit her daughter.

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