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Sidebar creation test for Darrell

People working at Adams Produce in Clinton say they are out of work, locked out and they found out the hard way. The company shut down abruptly after filing bankruptcy last week. Shocking news to many here in the metro who have worked for Adams Produce for years.

The company's warehouse in Clinton is idle. We are told by workers, the warehouse was shutdown Friday. A worker tells us, many lost three weeks wages they were due. That's when many found out they were no longer employed by Adams Produce.

The Birmingham-based company distributes fresh fruits and vegetables to restaurants, schools, and other places around the southeast. At one time, Adams Produce was located at the Old Farmers Market on Woodrow Wilson and did business with clients such as the H.W. Cockrell family from Simpson County.

Brenda Langham told us, "Guess they are just having a hard time. That really hurts along of people here in the Jackson area. I'm sure they closed down last Friday and none was paid. Oh no that's terrible. I didn't know that."

Rolando Bishop, a receiving manager in Birmingham, Alabama, had this response, "Nobody's getting paid for the last two weeks. Nobody getting paid for this week so that's 3 weeks without pay and that's just messed up."

Bankruptcy documents indicate the company fell behind on paying its vendors and that Adams Produce suffered market pressures that affected their products. Some 400 workers area affected by this action in several states including Mississippi.

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