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Debate over $4,600.00 water bill

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Imagine your water bill is over $4,600.00 that's the case at a HUD home we found in the presidential hills neighborhood of Jackson Friday.

The tenant called us saying the landlord refuses to fix the leak. He claims she's stealing water from the city. Yolanda Nash, a mother of 3 on government assistance, lives in this home at 3663 James Monroe Avenue.

Everything appears normal except for a mud caked, water logged spot in the front yard. Once opened we found a meter underwater. And bills for thousands of dollars dating back to 2010. Nash showed us a City of Jackson water bill giving her a credit of $461.40 in October of 2010 for a water leak. A leak that persisted to this day. Now the bill is sky high.

Nash claims the landlord won't fix the problem in the HUD home. Now she's moving.

Two sides to every story we discover. We put in a call to Donnie, the HUD landlord. He claims it was fixed and the city removed the meter for non-payment by Nash. He also claims his tenant  had an illegal meter put in and is stealing water. He says he's throwing her out. He also claims she had an illegal gas meter hooked up. We could not verify either.

When I asked Donnie's last name, the phone call ended abruptly. City of Jackson water inspectors will be the one's to determine which story floats to the surface.

Jackson spokesman Chris Mims told me the leak is on the property side meaning the landlord is responsible for repairs. Once repairs are made the water bill can be modified. Mims says he will also request an inspection to determine if the meter is legit or not.

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