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A Letter from one of officer Mike Walter's former co-workers

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Dear WLBT,

Let me begin by introducing myself: I am Amy Andress Beard and I was the Victim Assistant Coordinator at the Pearl Police Department. I worked all cases of domestic violence and sexual assault, therefore, I worked very closely on a daily basis with Detective Mike Walter.

I resigned from my position at the end of January, after a sexual assault case Mike investigated, I worked with the victim, and the Assistant DAs presented at trial. My last case working with Mike was a victorious one, after the perpetrator received 20 years for the sexual assault.

Mike was an outstanding detective--the best in my book. There were no "snap" decisions on the cases he worked nor did he investigate out of emotion. Mike was a genuine professional who did his best to serve and protect the innocent. He was gentle and compassionate with the victims we served. He took his time and listened intently to those he came into contact with.

I clearly remember working a death notification with him; he handled himself with grace and dignity, at the same time showing great concern and compassion for the deceased's girlfriend. Mike had a knack of knowing just what to say, when to say it and how to say it.

Regarding a particular sexual assault case Mike and I worked, I learned from the victim that her husband at the time of the assault was overseas, serving our country, fighting for our freedom in Afghanistan.

Recognizing the victim needed her husband during this horrific time, I worked with the Red Cross and the military to bring the victim's husband home, while Mike worked tediously to put all of the pieces of the case together--as he did with all cases.

 The husband was able to come home for a short period of time to support his wife and Mike and I had the privilege of meeting him at the police department. Again, Mike knew just what to say to the victim's husband--me, I just cried.

The victim's husband brought Mike several dozen cookies and he gave me a dozen magenta roses--I still have those roses, although the petals are now faded to a dark brown and are extremely fragile.

Several weeks later, I received a phone call from the victim's husband who was back overseas. He asked for my mailing address--he said he wanted to send something to Mike and me in appreciation for our work with his precious wife. He told me what he was sending was pertaining to a very important mission.

A few months later, I received a package postmarked Afghanistan. Upon opening the package, I saw this beautiful picture of a certificate and a flag (I have attached pictures for you to view). The date on the certificate is May 1, 2011, which was the date Osama Bin Laden was killed. Ironically, one short year later, my dear friend, Mike, lost his life on the same day, doing what he did best--protecting.

That picture hangs above Mike's desk and I have asked Chief Schuler that the police department present it to Mike's wife, Jeanne. I believe it is the right thing to do.

This case is the one I mentioned in my opening paragraph. We were a good team, Mike and I. He loved working with the victims and bringing justice to restore hope. He was the very best investigator Pearl Police Department had.

Since he was killed, I have received emails from victims we both served. To quote one of them, "Thank you both of y'all for being the true meaning of protect and serve. Yall gave me hope and possibly saved our life, so thank you from the bottom of my heart."

I do not take credit for anything other than offering support and providing services to the victims--the credit for the perpetrators being held accountable goes to Mike alone. Because of him and May 1, 2012, one less criminal/pedophile is off the street.

Mike's good work done for others will carry on through those he protected. There simply is no telling just how many people's lives were saved or changed for the better doing what he loved to do (and what he was so good at doing).

His tragic death does not make our losses on earth easier, but I am sure he will be a guardian angel for many now in heaven. I like to think that out of the officer's involved that tragic day, God knew Mike was the most prepared. He is a hero.

Please continue to honor this brave man; please do not give credence, airtime, or post the "twins arrested" frivolous "case" on your website. No story related to Mike's death should overshadow him. None.


Amy Andress Beard

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