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Prisoner threatens victim from prison

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RAYMOND, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

He was sent to prison after attempting to rape a woman in a Belhaven park.  Now the man jailed has made another attempt to threaten the victim from prison.

As if surviving a rape attempt wasn't bad enough, a Belhaven woman now says her attacker has not backed off, even after a court order of no contact.

It came in the form of a threatening letter, sent to her home.

"In it saying he'd be home soon and that she ruined his life and also it contained personal information of hers he obviously obtained through a 3rd party," said Jamie McBride, Hinds County Prosecutor.

Friday 41-year-old Ronald Bryant went before Judge Jeff Weill now facing criminal contempt charges for the threatening letter he sent his victim.

He is currently serving 5 years for the rape attempt. Prosecutors say the letter included details, meant to threaten the safety of his victim.

McBride says, "It had social security numbers, birth dates all of her home phone numbers.  The DA's office we consider this a serious criminal contempt and we asked the judge for the right to present that to a jury, to hold him accountable."

Judge Weill granted prosecutors request for a jury trial on Bryant's contempt charges. A trial date has been set for August 10th.

McBride says, "What ultimately he gets is still yet to be determined. We think it should be a very severe penalty because of the extreme danger he presents to this woman, and also to Hinds county."

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