Thousands say goodbye and thanks to Pearl Investigator Mike Walt - - Jackson, MS

Thousands say goodbye and thanks to Pearl Investigator Mike Walter

Officer Mike Walter Officer Mike Walter
PEARL, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Flashing blue lights and law enforcement vehicles far as the eye could see down I-55 lead Mike Walter's procession to Pinelake Baptist Church.

The solemn salute started in Jackson, eventually taking 20 minutes to roll past the Pearl Police Department.

Even firefighters hung an American flag over the roadway.

Traffic stopped as thousands, many with their hands over their hearts, paid their respects along the way.

"It brings the community together. Everybody is out to show their love and support, and everyone come together in a time of need," says spectator Shirley Botkin.

"It's just terrible. We're out here to show support for the law enforcement officers, the families, the friends, the children of this man," says another spectator Ashley Comstock.

"It's really sad and I just pray for the family and the officers. I think it's wonderful, the community support and I just think they protect and serve us really well and they deserve our love and respect not just today but every day," says Alahna Stewart.

Shawn Terwilliger lead the hearse in Walter's patrol car, a final salute to a brother in blue.

Terwilliger received a broken arm during the shoot out that fatally wounded Walter.

Law enforcement are a close knit group, but the community Walter served also showed up. Some held to say thanks and good bye.

Residents hope this tragic scenario can be avoided in the future.

"One thing about the police officers, as we all know they do not get paid enough. There is no amount of money that would be enough for what they do. I just hope that somehow in the future there could be more funding for these officers," says spectator Lisa Key.

Funeral services will be held for Walter at Pinelake Baptist Church in Flowood at 2 p.m. Saturday.

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