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Walt's Look Around: Six year old evangelist

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PEARL, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

It's a typical school day at College Drive SDA school in Pearl where 6-year-old Samuel Green attends. He is a good student and attentive in his class that spans kindergarten through 2nd Grade. Ms. Huddleston, Sam's teacher, is polite and patient with all of the young scholars.

On the playground, Sam is as rough and tumble as any six year old. Catch him on a school day and he fits right in with his group of peers. But then on the weekends here lately, THAT'S when Samuel Green steps out. Or maybe better put, steps UP, and into the pulpit, and delivers the message as an evangelist, as he did recently at Pilgrim Branch Missionary Baptist Church in Fannin.

Samuel Green: …and you know what? God is still giving signs today.

Walt: Beverly Coleman helps Samuel with his sermons. She has a pre-school and home-schools in south Jackson and usually doesn't take children until they are two years old.

Beverly Coleman: But he eased in at about 13 months and at about 18 months I told his mother he was gifted.

Walt: Beverly was speaking strictly academically. But after Sam recited the Lords Prayer for a devotional teleconference his mother was involved in, and received an invitation to speak to a group in Birmingham because of that, it became quite evident that young Sam was also gifted spiritually. Some may think he is reciting a memorized speech when he preaches. But Beverly Coleman says that's not so.

Beverly Coleman: It's actual knowledge that he knows. He understands the concept of what he's talking about.

Walt: Samuel's mother, Joann Green is obviously proud of her son. And feels that the six year old can handle all of it.

Joann Green: Because when he's not speaking he's looking at the calendar and he say, where am I going to speak next?

Walt: Dr. Robert Moore, the pastor of Pilgrim Branch Church, after hearing about Samuel, had no hesitation turning his congregation over to the six year old for a Sunday morning.

Dr. Robert Moore: You know he spoke about signs. And actually he is a sign.

Walt: And if you wonder if a six-year-old is nervous preaching like that, not young Samuel.

Samuel Green: I'm just like calm and I don't be worrying because I know that the Lord has my back.

Walt: And it is that message of child-like faith that has more and more doors opening for a six-year-old evangelist from Jackson.

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