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The Great Flood of 2011 anniversary

The month of May marks the first anniversary of the Great Flood of 2011 on the Mississippi River. 

The big river rose to an all-time record at Vicksburg of 57.1 feet, compared  with the previous record in 1927 of 56.2 feet. 

The Mississippi River did the most visual damage in the Ford Subdivision of Warren County where houses just collapsed. Warren County Sheriff Martin Pace took us on a boat tour of the area in 2011. We went back by road in 2012. 

"The only homes in Ford that are still occupied, are those that are stilted and elevated above the flood plain," said Pace. 

The sheriff also took us back to Chickasaw Bayou Subdivision where we had gone by boat a year ago.  There were steps to nowhere, but some houses had been repaired. The sheriff is amazed at how these people come back, year after year. 

"The real heroes are the people that survived this, the people that live here," said Pace. 

Chickasaw Bayou resident Guy Creekmore is back, with a house that is much higher than his old one.  He still remembers the pain of having to leave by boat last year. 

"Well there is no describing it when you lose your home and you see everything you have got go under water and there is nothing you can do except sit back to watch," said Creekmore. 

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which maintains the levees that kept Mississippi River waters from flooding the whole Delta, says the levees did a good job, but the weakest point was just north of Vicksburg. Kent Parrish is the project manager for the Mississippi River levees in Vicksburg.  

"The worst we had are Buck Chute and Abelmarle in the state of Mississippi," said Parrish. 

Guy Creekmore has built his house high enough to not be damaged by future floods which are less than the flood of 2011.   

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