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Sound Off: Severe Weather Warnings

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Severe weather is a normal part of life in Mississippi. Making sure that everyone is warned takes more than one solution.   

Most local TV stations have sophisticated weather equipment to track storms to warn their viewers.  WLBT also promotes weather radios as an effective warning device for severe weather.   

Weather sirens are another line of defense. Our reporters have done numerous stories on counties that have weather sirens that don't work.  

Warren County supervisors don't seem to think their citizens need weather sirens. Supervisor Bill Lauderdale said that "any idiot can turn on a TV or get a weather radio." That is not necessarily true. 

A tornado can hit your home at 3 o'clock in the morning while you were asleep or the power may be out due to bad weather. Weather radios cost money that some just can't afford. 

It is true that any idiot can turn on a TV or a weather radio, but the real question is, "How many Warren County supervisors does it take to turn on a weather siren?" 

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