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South Jackson Under Siege

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On Monday, our Mike McDaniel brought you the incredible story of a seven block area of south Jackson infested with crime.

In a one year period, we told you of over a thousand calls to 911 ranging from house and car burglaries to assaults and shootings in this tiny area.

We also brought you the sad story of a retired teacher who prayed every time she left her home that when she returned it would not be burglarized.

A few months ago, her luck ran out.

She returned from a 30 minute trip to the supermarket to find her home had been ransacked.

Everything of value including her clothes had been stolen.

"These people are scared to death. They're scared to come out of their homes. They're scared to go anywhere. They think their stuff is going to be stolen and in most cases it is", said Patrick Saums with Security Support.

The career criminals and young urban hyenas who have taken over south Jackson need to be a priority of JPD if south Jackson is ever going thrive again.

That's my Point of View.

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