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Taking Back Our Neighborhoods- Royal mess in the Queens

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

I received an email from a resident of the Queens community in Jackson about a house and lot that's bringing down the whole neighborhood.

It's located on 5320 Queen Eleanor Lane and the woman who emailed me wrote that she's gone through all the proper channels but still nothing's been done.

She wrote, "please help us in getting this issue resolved", so I checked it out.

"Every time I turn the corner, I see this house and that bothers me," said Alice Herring.

It not only bothers Herring, but almost everyone else in this mostly manicured neighborhood. Herring didn't want her face shown on camera. She says she has followed procedure, from contacting the owner, to filing complaints with city officials.

"I've been told now that city council has met on it; did meet on it in December and when I called last month, I was told that it was on hold right now for whatever reason; it's on hold, but as you see, it's still looking like this. It's been like this for over a year," said Herring.

And unoccupied, she said, for more than five years. It has even burned.

"Yeah, it caught fire. What made it catch on fire, I don't know because there was no electricity to the house at the time," said Herring.

Jackie Archie didn't mind her face being on camera. She's lived here for 28 years.

"We've written city councilman. We've been down to meetings. We asked and we begged and they say they were going to send somebody out and nothing has been done," said Archie.

Hinds County tax rolls show the property belongs to Gloria West of Clinton. 

"And she say it's nothing she can do with this, so I'm so glad you all are here, maybe help is on the way," said Archie. "It's an eyesore for us. It's depreciating our value of our property. Look at our yards and land. We keep ours up."

I asked Herring what she would like to tell Jackson city officials.

"If they could just come out here, cut this grass, remove these trees, board this house up, because we live in this neighborhood. They wouldn't want their neighborhood looking like this and we don't want ours looking like this," said Herring.

"I called 3 on Your Side because I know you all get some action going. You all get the job done and I thank god for y'all," said Archie.

I spoke with City of Jackson spokesperson Quita Bride about the eyesore on 5320 Queen Eleanor Lane.

She told me there is a board-up case and grass and weed case pending and the city will move forward soon. Bride could not give an exact date.

She said Bennie Hopkins, the Director of Planning and Development, briefed council members Monday on clean up contracts.

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