Man suspected of impersonating officer may be connected to more - - Jackson, MS

Man suspected of impersonating officer may be connected to more incidences

YAZOO CITY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The man who police say impersonated an officer in several counties is not yet charged with a crime.

James Lucas was arrested Thursday for crimes in Humphreys County, after a citizen spotted him in Yazoo County.

Lucas was pulled over in Yazoo County Thursday morning. His Mercury Grand Marquis had an upside down state of Mississippi tag on the front. That's how they matched the car with two incidents in Humphries County, where people were pulled over by a police impersonator, in an unmarked car with blue lights.

Lucas is still being held in a Humphreys County Jail.

Detectives there want to probe the situation a little more before they pin charges on him, impersonating a police officer is just a misdemeanor.

Take a look at some of the paraphernalia officers say was stored in the Yazoo County mobile home where Lucas lives with his girlfriend.

The items include two air pistols, phony badges, a flashing blue light and lightweight handcuffs. Ervin says the items were not police-issue.

"The fake badges, handcuffs that come in a lot of different toys, I'm not sure where he got the radios from, but you can order them. There's no law against having this stuff, it's what you do with it," said Chief Investigator Tommy Irvine, Yazoo County Sheriff's Department.

Here is the Grand Marquis that Lucas was driving. It had blue lights, some painted blue and glued on antennas. There were similar incidents in the past several weeks in Madison County with people getting pulled over. In both incidents a blue light was displayed.

Yazoo County deputies say Madison County has now placed a hold on James Lucas, as he might be connected to those incidents.

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