Wednesday's Child - Annie - - Jackson, MS

Wednesday's Child - Annie

She has been separated from her siblings since she was four years old. Now at 18 Annie is about to finish her senior year in high school and her sister Briana has been adopted. Her hope now is to at least stay connected with her sister and still find a forever family on this week's Wednesday's Child.

There are seven children in their family. Annie describes the day she and her siblings were placed in foster care.

"When they came and got us it was like we didn't go in the same car, we were like separated and I went one way and her and my brother they were placed in a foster homes", said Annie.

Annie says it was especially hard for her because she was mother to her sisters and brother although she was only 4 years old.

"I was the one that, I was worried a lot like when am I going to get to see my sister?"

Annie is excited about her senior year. She wants to start college and have a career as a homicide detective.

"I love watching CSI and Law and Order and I like the things they do and I like justice. I believe in when you do something wrong, you should be punished for it", Annie said.

Her favorite subjects are History and English.

"I learn new words every day and I been liking English because I love correcting people when they talk, sometimes I talk wrong but I'll correct myself too", said Annie.

Annie says her sister Briana is her best friend and they work hard to try and stay connected.

"We love each other, we love to sing, we love to talk, we love justice", Annie said.

Annie wants a close family that values time together.

"I don't want somebody, they don't have to be perfect and I'm not looking for a rich foster parent or nothing like that. I just want somebody to love me and to hold me at night when I'm scared. I would like somebody to say when we go to the mall, we don't have to have money, we can just go window shop, just have a good time. I want to stay up late and fall asleep on the couch with my mom and stuff like that. I don't have to have my own room, I just want somebody to love me for me", said Annie.

To learn more about adoption through the Department of Human Services call the Mississippi Adoption Resource Exchange at 1-800-821-9157.

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