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La. Company: Stokes has unpaid bus fare

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A Louisiana bus company says a Hinds county Supervisor owes them thousands for an unpaid bus fare. 

Louisiana Motor Coach says Hinds District 5 Supervisor Kenneth Stokes requested their bus services back in January.

They say they have written proof he owes them the money but says he won't pay up.

Louisiana Motor Coach says they used three buses to transport the McMain High School band from New Orleans to Jackson to participate in the annual Martin Luther King parade this year.

They say then-newly elected Supervisor Kenneth Stokes sent a fax to the company promising to cover the bill.

"We did speak to Mr. Stokes a couple of days prior and he informed us he could send us a promissory note or something to that effect stating they would be responsible for the charges," said Bus company Vice President Louis Sanders.

The bus bill totals $4,500. Sanders said he hasn't received a dime.

"We had a written document in hand signed by Mr. Stokes and his willingness to pay. Five months later and we're still waiting to hear from him," Sanders said.

Stokes said Thursday, "It was told to us we could use some county funds, then they said we could not because they were bond funds. What we have tried to do now is we asked the church community to help us try to pay for some of these buses."

So far Stokes has collected $2,000 through church donations.

"Some of the bus companies want you to squeeze blood out of a turnip and just get some money to them. They just have to remain patient like the others," says Stokes.

Louisiana Motor Coach says they want to avoid taking legal action. They normally don't send buses without full payment, but thought since they were dealing with an elected official, that wouldn't be a problem, down the road.

Louis Sanders says, "We're under the impression we're dealing with a legit person here not someone who is not apt not to fulfill their obligations."

Due to late fees being tacked on, Louisiana Motor Coach now says Stokes owes them $4,830.

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