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Sound Off: Deadbeat Supervisor

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Supervisor Kenneth Stokes helped organize the local annual Martin Luther King Day Parade many years ago. It has been a big success. This year Supervisor Stokes rented three buses from a Louisiana company to transport the McMain High School band from Louisiana to the parade. Unfortunately he didn't get this approved in advance from the Hinds County Supervisors and for the past five months the $4,500 bill has gone unpaid.

To make matters worse Stokes won't return calls from the Louisiana bus company or even the McMain High School band leader. This is what Supervisor Stokes had to say about the money he owes, "Some of the bus companies want you to squeeze blood out of a turnip and just get some money to them. They just have to remain patient like the others."

I guess paying what you owe doesn't apply to Stokes. I have a solution, the bus company should put a garnishment on Mr. Stoke's Hinds County paycheck maybe then he will understand the difference between patient and paying what you owe.

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