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An Easy Way to Save Lives

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Wednesday's fatal accident in Rankin County is yet another sad chapter in our state which is desperately trying to get drivers and passengers to wear seatbelts.

Looking back at some of the news stories on WLBT in the last year, it seems that we've had nearly a story a week of someone in Mississippi being killed or seriously injured by not wearing seatbelts.

And that one little instance of neglecting to secure little ones or yourself or a passenger has grave consequences for years to come when an accident occurs.

In 1994, only about 43% of folks used seatbelts in our state.

Now, 81% of folks buckle up.

The highest rate of seat belt users are in Warren County.

One of the lowest is Neshoba County.

We can do better as a state if we all just remember what a life changing experience it can be by not using common sense and safety.

That's my Point of View.

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