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4 injured in Hazlehurst storm

HAZLEHURST, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Thursday afternoon Larry Gary picked up limbs from the same tree that injured his two nieces during a thunderstorm.

"A limb broke and the wind blowed a piece of the limb through the window and the glass hit them," explained Gary.

A shattered window and a large tree limb lay nearby. The victims' family says four people were injured at the Gallatin Street home in Hazlehurst.

One of the injured was Wallace Craft Jr.'s thirteen-year-old son.

"They was inside at the table. A tree just come straight through the window. Hit a little girl in the head, and my son got cut. He looks like he's going to get stitches and two other people. They are real blessed to be alive," said Craft.

Much of the damage in Hazlehurst seemed to be centered near Gallatin Street.

City crews worked to clear large limbs and power lines as folks came out to survey the damage.

Craft says between his son being injured and the storm, it was one of the scariest experiences of his life.

"It was just like a lot of wind, lot of rain. Like the Devil came through and God saved us."

Craft says he won't take future storms lightly.

"I underestimated it, like it wasn't nothing. Like a hard rain, wind blowing. The trees was floating in the air with the wind, with the rain. Never seen nothing like it in my life."

WLBT did see a tree on a different house along Gallatin Street.

When contacted Thursday evening, the Copiah County Emergency Management Agency was still trying to determine how many homes were damaged.

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