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Jackson's violent crimes rising

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A disturbing trend is underway when it comes to crime statistics in Jackson.

According to the latest crime stats update from the Jackson Police Department, homicide rates are double from where we were at this time last year.

"These things are very difficult to prevent because we don't have any indicators" said Deputy Chief Lee Vance."Two people get into an argument over whatever and they can't seem to find another way to resolve it other than shooting one or the other.  That's what makes it so difficult to predict."

Vance says other crimes like burglaries offer up indicators that more patrols are needed in target areas.  The Jackson police department has been able to lower house burglary, auto theft, and auto burglaries by increasing patrols in different areas.

The police department says there have been 30 homicides in Jackson this year. Of the 30 homicides, 16  have been solved.  Vance says the national average for solving rates is 50%

"People have to start taking responsibility for their actions," added Vance, who welcomes input from community groups wanting to prevent violent crimes.

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Jackson violent crime stats: January 1st through May 20th


Homicide 2011 - 13 2012 - 24 Armed Robbery 2011 - 196 2012 - 247 Aggravated Assault 2011 - 213 2012 - 259 *stats don't reflect crimes committed after May 20th More>>

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