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Dinosaurs invade Museum of Natural Science

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Mississippians will take a step back in time this weekend at the "Dinosaurs: Big, Bad, Bold, and Back" exhibit inside the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science.

Kids and adults will see a robotic T-rex and Triceratops up close.

More than 20 of the pre-historic creatures and fossils will be on display at the Jackson museum.

Some of the dinosaur fossils have a Mississippi connection.

Museum officials say many people are intrigued by the big creatures curiosity, and they are expecting a big turnout.

"It's a great mixture of science and imagination, and I think that kind of sparks it in kids. We know that they were big, some of them violent, some of them peaceful, but strange looking animals. And we know that they lived right here where we live today," explains Museum Director Libby Hartfield.

The exhibit opens Saturday morning and will remain open to visitors until January. 

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