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Abandoned houses in Jackson troubles neighbors

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The abandoned house is located at 307 Sunny Lane.

Tax rolls show it is owned by Tamritha Dean and the Rolls Show 307 Sunny Lane is her address. There is no phone number listed.

She did not pay her taxes in 2011, which were due February 1st, according to the tax collector's office. The man who lives next door contacted WLBT News. He is 64 year old T.J. Vaughan, who has lived here for more than 20 years.

He tells us he has contacted the city about the property twice and his wife has called the city twice.

"Been three years now and I ain't got nothing done yet. So it's getting worse and worse and I am afraid somebody is moving in. Somebody tore the door off of it. So that's kind of scary, being that close, it may catch afire, and burn my house up," Vaughan said.

We contacted the city about the property and City Planning Director Benny Hopkins tells us the city already has a case on the property and is working to get it cleaned up.

"The property owner is here in town, not out of town, and if they don't clean it up we will get a bid on it," Hopkins said.

So, the city says it is trying to get the owner to clean up the property, but if she does not, the city will do it and send her the bill.

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