Death Penalty Vigil - - Jackson, MS

Death Penalty Vigil

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A group opposed to the death penalty gathered in Jackson Tuesday night. Their message, execution is not the answer to violence.

Members of the Catholic Diocese, clergy, and churches in the metro area held a candlelight vigil at Smith Park in Downtown Jackson, hoping until the very last minute the life of Henry Curtis Jackson would be spared.

The names of the four nieces and nephews who Jackson stabbed to death in 1990 were read and candles lit in their memory. The last candle was lit for Jackson. Bishop Joseph Latino says the world is crying for a non-violent response to murder.

"I think the more that we do get together and the more people who gather together for that reason then hopefully we can begin to influence those in authority to seek another means instead of killing killers," said Bishop Latino.

Bishop Latino also told the crowd taking the lives of those convicted of murder does not prove killing is wrong. He says more people should take the example of the Jackson family who were the victims in this case but still had the courage to forgive and ask for mercy for their brother, who took the lives of their children.

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