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Discrimination at the Polls?

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Regardless of the outcome of the court's decision, it is truly a sad commentary to hear some of the testimony in the lawsuit filed by Joyce Jackson.

She is contesting the election results of Clarita Cooper-Stokes who won this year's Jackson City Council's District 3 council race.

Jackson's heritage is part Indian, part White, and part Black.

She and her supporters claim that a number of Stokes supporters made disparaging racial remarks about her heritage to voters when they came to vote in the election by calling her a 'white lady'.

"I never thought in all my days I would have anyone especially a sister of mine to call me or say names like that", said Jackson.

The claims are also that the Stokes supporters were also within 150 feet of the poll, a violation of the state election law.

Caritas Cooper-Stokes and her constituents should realize that racial reconciliation is not a one way street.

To be successful, it should go both ways.

That's my Point of View.

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