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Yazoo City company measures up

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Metrology, the science of measurement. Military and aerospace are just a few of the industries that rely on the precise calibrations of this science for their machines.

So, where do they go? believe or not...Yazoo City, Mississippi.

When you see an aircraft like this traversing the skies, more than likely, the precision measuring instruments in it have been serviced and calibrated by this Yazoo City company, A&A Calibration Services.

CEO Larry White said, "We're pretty unique here in Yazoo City. We're the only company that does this publicly."

What White's company does is in big demand all over the world.

White said, "We get parts from Israel, Iraq, Saudi Arabia...."

And it is the only minority owned company of its type in this nation.

White said, "Metrology is the science of measuring. And what that does, the easiest way to explain what the science of measuring is; when you stand on your scale in the morning to weigh yourself, we check those scales to make sure in the morning those scales are accurate"

White's company was born out of a need after he lost his job with Raytheon in Madison, but there was an even deeper catalyst for this 20-year Navy veteran.

White said, "Coming from Mississippi, when I got started, my biggest motivation was man told me I couldn't be an electronic technician and that stuck with me my whole life."

There is a nationwide shortage of calibration techs and to counter that, White hired an instructor and trained his own.

"In September, we graduated our first class and that was with nine students which was a huge success."

So successful, White has to scramble to find work for his graduates at A&A Calibration Services or lose them.

He said, "Because of the shortage, other companies looking for the people I just trained."

White started A&A Calibrations in 2004 with only one employee...himself. Now, there are 20.

White said, "Every job we create is a brand new job, not only for Yazoo City, but also for the state of Mississippi."

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