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More body parts wash ashore; investigators ID victim

Several body parts have washed ashore in Harrison County Saturday, just two days after a torso was found on the beach in Bay St. Louis.

Hancock County Chief Deputy Don Bass said, "Early this morning around 6am a discovery was made in Pass Christian of part of a leg."

After police got the call, officers were dispatched on four wheelers and boats to search for other body parts.

About an hour and a half after the calf was found in front of Emerald Avenue, police discovered a thigh less than a mile away and within 20 minutes another body part was found.

"Long Beach Police Department aided Harrison County and discovered a head of a deceased person," Bass said.

Around noon another calf was found by a fishermen in the Pass Christian Harbor.

A pathologist has confirmed the parts found in Harrison County are those of 22-year-old Jaren Lockhart of New Orleans who was reported missing Wednesday.

Hancock County Lead Investigator Glenn Grannan said, "Although we haven't done any DNA to positively connect these remains to the torso we will continue to do that and confirm that with DNA, but the circumstances are very, very strong that this is her."

Bass said, "Some clothes were found also in Long Beach about a 200 yard section of the beach, some women's under apparel and pants."

Investigators said those clothes were the same ones Lockhart was wearing in a surveillance video they saw of her leaving work early Wednesday morning.

Grannan said, "Our primary focus, up to this point, had been identifying the victim about midway last night into our investigation concerning that, we started to switch focus to try and determine who is responsible for this heinous act."

And as the investigation moves forward so does the search for Lockhart's remains.

Bass said, "We will continue throughout the day to see if we can recover any more parts."

The body parts found Saturday have been handed over to the Hancock County Sheriff's Department.

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