Child transported by AMR after playing on broken apartment stair - - Jackson, MS

Child transported by AMR after playing on broken apartment staircase

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Unfortunately, taxpayers will likely end up footing the bill for a 6 year old boy's ambulance ride from the Camelot Apartments.

As our video shows, on Wednesday morning he and some other kids were playing on a stairwell on building 41. The video depicts the boy hanging with both hands from a step. The step above his hands is broken and hanging down. The boy releases his grip and drops into a pile of trash that has been left in front of the apartment building, under the stairs.

As our video also shows, at least one adult was watching the children when this incident occurred.

Someone called for emergency service, and AMR arrived at the scene, placed the child on a stretcher, and transported him for precautionary reasons. Family and friends of the boy are claiming he fell, rather than jumped or lost his grip.

If nothing else, the scene further highlights the disrepair at the Camelot Apartments. It also points out the potential for tragic accidents among the broken stairwells, rickety railings, and missing rail posts.

We first talked to tenant Clyde McAfee on May 23. He pointed out the multitude of problems in and around his apartment in building 13. The repair issues include a broken shower head, no plug for the bathtub, no exterior lighting, and no washer on the kitchen faucet.

Three weeks later, McInnis tells us little has changed. "The first time I talked to y'all, right after that, I got robbed. Still haven't got my porch light fixed," he says.

Shortly after talking to McAfee Wednesday, we were ordered off the grounds.

Kenneth Taylor, Deputy Director of Planning for the City of Jackson, says his office has gotten at least seven complaints regarding the Camelot Apartments since mid-2011.

"The inspectors here went out, started cases. We will be notifying the owners," Taylor says. "Letters go out in the mail the next day, so they are notified pretty rapidly."

The Hinds County Landrolls simply show the owner as "Camelot Apartments".

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