Wednesday's Child - Ramello - - Jackson, MS

Wednesday's Child - Ramello

This week's Wednesday's Child is an athlete who got the thrill of a life time. We met at Trustmark Park in Pearl where he met some of the team members for the Mississippi Braves. Ramello was first featured four years ago and is now 16 years old. He has been waiting for a family for more than 8 years.

Ramello enjoys all types of sports.

"I know that you like the New England Patriots and one of your favorite numbers is the number 12, why? Cause Tom Brady wears 12", said Ramello.

When he walked into the Mississippi Braves locker room, he was fascinated to see the equipment and the names of some of the players from all over the world. One of the biggest thrills of the day was meeting Coach Franklin Stubbs who was a member of the Dodgers when they won the World Series in 1988.

"What do you aspire to be? Football? That's good..Patriots, that's your favorite team? See my favorite team is the Cowboys", Coach Stubbs said.

Ramello says he felt like a star walking through the tunnel and onto the baseball field. He says he hopes to know that joy some day as a football star.

"Tell me about school. When you go to school what's your favorite subject? Math and spelling. What do you like about math and spelling? Easy", said Ramello.

Ramello wants to learn to swim. He also says it is a challenge being in foster care.

"Tell me what makes it difficult for you? Just going place to place and not being with my family", Ramello said.

When it comes to a family, Ramello says having love, support and encouragement are the most important things for him.

"Do you have other sisters and brothers? Yes mam. So you'd like to spend time with them? Yes mam. How many do you have? Four sisters and one brother. Are they younger or older than you? My sisters are younger and my brother is older", said Ramello.

Though he is still waiting to be adopted, Ramello did get the surprise of a lifetime. A representative with the Patriots saw his story on our website and with help from the team sent Ramello a signed football, jersey, and tons of team material. Ramello says it was the best birthday he has ever had.

To learn more about the children waiting to be adopted, call the Mississippi Adoption Resource Exchange at 1-800-821-9157.

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