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Unbelievable lawsuit!

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In the 'You've got to be kidding me department' comes a story that is just too hard to believe.

Lawyers for the family of Al- Qaeda inspired Mohamed Merah, who killed seven people in southwest France earlier this year, have filed a lawsuit against the police alleging aggravated murder over his death.

Over two weeks in March, Merah killed seven people in three separate incidents.

The highest profile attack was the murder of three Jewish children and a Rabbi at a school near his home in Toulouse.

Then he killed three French paratroopers trying to catch him.

The lawsuit was filed this week by Merah's family and alleges French police acted illegally when they opened fire on Merah after a 32-hour standoff in Toulouse.

Police say they fired after Merah tried to escape his apartment through a window.

A French prosecutor will now have to rule if the complaint has sufficient grounds to appoint an investigator.

If this had happened in America, I would hope the judge would bounce the idiot lawyers out of the courthouse on their behinds.

Let's hope the French prosecutor does just that.

 That's my Point of View.

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