Large crowd turns out for city auto auction - - Jackson, MS

Large crowd turns out for city auto auction

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Doorless and dent filled vehicles, those with crushed fenders and flats aren't what most people look for in a new car or truck.

"You know some of them are in pretty rough shape, some run, some don't what you see is what you get," said Nick Clark of Clark Auctions.

Clark leads many of the city of Jackson's auto auctions. All of the vehicles up for bid were either city surplus or abandoned, stolen or seized.

"We're hoping we can find something maybe in the price range of maybe $1,000 to $1,500 dollars something that runs good and reliable," said shopper Bobby Lloyd.

Unless you're a mechanic many of the vehicles may seem worthless, however they actually help tax payers save lots of money. That's because every single dollar paid for one of the old rides goes back to the city of Jackson.

Clark said he's helped the city sale anywhere from  $30,000 to $150,000 worth of vehicles in a single auction.

Despite how many of the cars look, most of them sold pretty quick because they're a fraction of their original cost.

R.C. Williams bought a new truck. "It's a 94' Ram 1500 Dodge," said Williams.

Like many in the crowd, Williams sells auto parts. He said going to auctions beats buying vehicles from just anyone.

"You get titles for these vehicles here instead of buying them on the street where you don't know who you're buying from," said Williams.

Some of the potential buyers need a new form of transportation quick.

"We're kind of a new church, we've been operating about a year and we're a small congregation and we need a new van," said Calvin Winston.

A couple of boats and several basketball hoops were also on sale at Saturday's auction.

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