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Celebrating Father's Day

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Playing baseball under the trees at the Ross Barnett Reservoir is the perfect scene for John Carl Hill and his son.

However, the memory of bringing the 4-year-old home as a new born is still fresh in his mind.

"Ok, what am I fixing to do? You know, here I am 42-years-old and got a child," recalled Hill. 

He says every minute of running after a swing and miss, or taking the bike to the park is worth it.

Now, at 46 and after a big change in lifestyle, Hill is taking advantage of the time he has and doing what others before him have done.

Hill said, "It's just all about showing him love and everything that my father showed me when I was coming up."

Hill has a stepdaughter but says the birth of his son "came in due time."

He says being outdoors is a big part of what he wants to pass along.

"You know, fishing and maybe in life, if I still have the patience, show him how to hunt and showing him it's not just about sitting in front of the TV."

The Mississippi Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks Foundation gave folks that opportunity Sunday at Livingston Park Lake. Cane poles and crickets provided free for parents and children under the age of 15.

"We've had a lot of children catch their first fish right out here and screaming and hollering 'I don't want to touch' and that kind of thing," said Executive Director Clark Gordin.

The first Father's Day was celebrated June 17, 1910.

The day became an annual event in 1972 when President Richard Nixon signed a new law permanently making it the third Sunday in June. 

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