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Largest marijuana bust in Madison County history?

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Inside a small storage closet at 405 Brentwood Drive in Madison, cups are used for small marijuana plants and larger buckets for the more developed plants.

The walls are insulated, heating lamps installed, and fans to keep the product cool. Deputies say a water filtration system helped complete the operation.

"It's not something that you just put together in an hour or two and start growing marijuana. This is something that they've obviously perfected over a period of months or years, and now we've put an end to it," says Sheriff Randy Tucker.

He says the seized plants could easily produce 50-100 pounds of marijuana.

Up to 165 plants were found inside the closet, some are hybrid varieties from different countries.

"This particular site is extremely significant. You don't see these very often with the manner in which it was set up. The number of plants that appear to be present and the sophistication of the records that were kept," says Tucker.

A ventilation system was setup in the attic and the smell of marijuana exited through vents in the roof. While there, reporters could smell marijuana in the front yard.

"I think the neighbors had grown probably, increasingly suspicious of what was going on. People come to and from the residence at different times," says Tucker.

Investigators have been looking into the operation for nearly two years, using confidential informants and information from the Madison Police Department.

"I think it shows the collaborative effort between law enforcement in Madison County, where the police department can work with the sheriff's office. Not only in this type of investigation but in all investigations," says Madison Police Department Master Sgt. Kevin Newman.

An unidentified woman was taken into custody during the raid about 10:45 Monday morning. Her husband is wanted by deputies. He also has not been identified.

The couple could face a number of charges including manufacturing and possession of marijuana, along with conspiracy.

Tucker says the husband suspect has served time in federal prison for a similar crime. 

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