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Walt's Look Around: Odds and ends

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Here's one of the unfinished stories that has come to a new conclusion. In September of last year, we went to Kosciusko to the grave of Laura Kelly who died at age 38 in 1890.

The story behind the statue is that her grieving husband commissioned it and wanted it placed on a large base so he could see it above her grave all the way from his house. And the story goes that by the time the statue was erected, he was too grief stricken to look at it.

I told that story when invited to speak to a Kosciusko garden club one time. Afterward, I was pulled aside by a lady saying she was a member of the family. And said what REALLY happened was by the time the statue had been created in Italy and shipped back to Kosciusko and put up, Mr. Kelly had remarried and his new wife wouldn't LET him look at the statue.

Well, the unfinished business with Miz Laura is that last September she had lost a hand And since then, it has been reattached. And not only that, the statue has undergone a through cleaning.

If only Mr. Kelly could see her now, rest his soul.

Another story that has a happy ending now is in Kemper County at Sciples Mill, the last water powered gristmill in the state.

A flood last winter took out the gates that impounded the water in the millpond, and the mill had been out of commission for several months because the proprietor of the mill, Edward Sciple's son, Eddie, just hadn't had the time to put it all back together.

Well, I got a notification from Eddie on my Facebook Page the other night telling me they are grinding corn again at the mill.

You might catch the episode of Dirty Jobs on one of those channels way on up the dial where Mike Rowe comes and grinds corn at this mill. And now, he could come back and do it again.

And last but not least, here's a shot I got with my longest lens out in the side yard a few weeks ago as the planet Venus made its last trek across the face of the sun from our perspective in our lifetimes. The big dot is Venus. The smaller dots are sunspots.

In over a hundred years when it does this again, you have to wonder if something like this will still be a big deal? Or will we be colonizing Mars by then? Or have I been watching too many of those channels way up the dial?

But that's what I did this summer, and summer has just begun!

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