MOST WANTED: Bait and switch gold scam - - Jackson, MS

MOST WANTED: Bait and switch gold scam

On June 6th Patrick L. Caldwell walked in to a local business offering to sell a bag full of scrap gold. The gold was tested and determined to be real and valued at several thousand dollars. But the deal went sour.

Got gold? Well, during a little bargaining session at a Pearl business, police say Patrick Caldwell placed the bag of scrap gold back in his pocket. The buyer finally settled on a price he would pay, so Caldwell turned the treasure over in exchange for big bucks. He walked out with a smile on his face. Imagine why?

A closer inspection revealed a classic case of bait and switch. Police say Caldwell, a.k.a. Anthony Bason, switched the bag for one that contained cheap costume jewelry of little or not value. This guy is a con, a convicted felon with a Miami address. Police believe he's pulled off this same scheme before in the metro area. If you know this man, call Pearl police. You could be in for a green reward.

Meanwhile, here's surveillance video photos of another crime going down in Ridgeland. Detectives need you help to identify four guys. They allegedly used a stolen credit card at the Ridgeland Walmart and Murphy Gas. They were riding in a white Chevy Impala. Two others are driving a tan or gold colored Chevy Malibu. Do you recognize these faces? If so, turn them in and help stamp out ID theft.

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