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Where the Living Is Not So Easy

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Over the years WLBT News has brought you hundreds of stories showing people living in squalid conditions in local apartments and rental homes.

In most cases, many of the apartments have numerous problems involving mold, shoddy plumbing, ceiling and sewage leaks, as well as dangerous conditions in which railings and steps are loose or nonexistent.

In the latest case this week, we showed you one complex in which David Kenney brought you this:

"These are pictures off the Internet enticing renters to the park at Riverside Apartments. Just look at that blue lake and the neatly manicured landscaping . Turns out those pictures were photo shopped," said David Kenney.

"There are rats, there are snakes. I've seen a feline cat with a rat in her mouth eating it on the front of my steps," said one resident who did not want to be identified.

Granted, renters could also take more responsibility.

But, city inspectors and HUD need to do a better job making sure complex owners and managers do more than just collect rent.

We're going to keep looking at this growing problem and see who's at fault and what needs to be done.

That's my Point of View.

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