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Jackson police target prostitution and drugs

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

This weekend Jackson police use two separate city-wide operations to target criminals.

During the first phase, JPD used decoys to find prostitutes and to find men who would pay for sex.

WLBT rode along with the officers during the sting. In about 30 minutes officers arrested an unidentified woman on a prostitution related charge on the city's west side.

"It was no exchange of sexual contact or money. It was not prostitution," said the suspect when asked about the incident.

She was picked up by an undercover officer, according to JPD. The suspect didn't seem to mind the inconvenience of being in handcuffs, even doing a dance.

"But see I ain't got my shirt that I wanted to wear. How could I be a prostitute. Noooo...I be a stripper though," she said at one point. 

The lady kept laughing while handcuffed. When asked what was so funny she replied, "I'm not believing this. I just got out of the house today, walkin' down the street. Dude picked me up, told me we fixin' to go have some fun. You know, we supposed to go on a date like thing and then I'm sittin' on the passenger side. I'm like for real. Really though?"

Meanwhile, a second undercover operation has lands three men in handcuffs.

Women posed as prostitutes, near a Highway 80 hotel, looking for men to pick them up lead to the arrests.

When asked if the unidentified male suspect gave a woman money, he replied "I don't give any money. I don't give nothin'. They just got me over here. When she opened the door right here, they got me over here. They got the handcuffs on me and all that stuff you know. That's the way they work. It's OK. But I get them later, you know. I'm going to make a complaint about them."

A short time later, about 9:45 p.m., a woman was arrested near Bullard and Boling Streets. The unidentified suspect admitted being a prostitute on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights but not Friday when she was arrested.

"They didn't know when I was off or on. Will y'all please get the d*#@ camera out of my face?"

At first she was asleep in the back of the cruiser when we arrived.

When asked why she was a prostitute, her answer was to the point.

"To pay my bills."

Officers say they target areas where they get complaints about prostitution. They believe the stings are working but it takes time.

"It's effective. It will go away for a minute and then it'll come back. So you know, you just have to keep working on it. So, prostitution has been around for the history of many," says Jackson Police Deputy Chief Eric Wall.

Ten people were arrested this weekend on prostitution related charges.

The second phase of the weekend long operation involved targeting known drug corners.

Roadblocks were set up in different areas of the city. Officers wrote more than a 1,000 tickets and made over 100 arrests, according to Wall.

JPD has two of these type operations each quarter. Wall believes after this recent sting operation, each precinct in the city will have double-digit crime reductions.

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