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Walt's Look Around: Suzanne Hale's flower garden

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Adam and Eve lived in a garden, and people have been planting and growing gardens ever since then. Suzanne Hale in Madison County is no exception, although she admits she was a late bloomer. And Suzanne passes along some tips for us as we try to coax our flowers along.

But of course I started late. I've been gardening 15 years, but I didn't start gardening until I was 50.  And then I wanted flowers and I've learned all the things not to do," said Hale. 

But more importantly, Suzanne Hale has learned what to do. And, I guess even more important than that, she's learned how to do what she wants to do. And that is to make a pleasing flower garden with lots of texture and lots of levels and lots of centers of interest. And then share her garden with people like us. Suzanne says in extremely hot weather like we're having right now, you have to get up early to tend to your garden. And besides being cooler, there are other advantages to getting to the garden around sunup.  

"The butterflies and the birds are just incredible. The humming birds, too," said Hale. "There is something about that early morning that makes you feel closer to the Lord, closer to the earth, and I don't care how stressed out your are, you forget everything. All you think of is what you're doing, and where you are."

 You don't have to have a green thumb to grow a decent garden. Gardening isn't a matter of your thumb. But it isn't automatic. Like everything else in life worthwhile, you have to know what you're doing. But that's all. And there are just basically three things you have to know about each plant to grow it successfully. 

"You've got to know how much water is required for the plant, cause you can drown plants and plants can have not enough water. You need to know how much sunlight a plant needs. And then the third thing is you have to know what kind of dirt they survive in. If they need acid dirt, neutral dirt, or sweet dirt which would be like lime. So as long as you know the water, the soil and the sun, you can be successful gardening. 

And most of that information comes on the label of the plant when you buy it, or with a couple of clicks off the Internet. That knowledge, a shovel and some plants and you're off to a happier life. 

"It takes away all the stress," said Hale.

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