In Store For More HEAT..... - - Jackson, MS

In Store For More HEAT.....

The heat and the abundance of sunshine is once again center stage for our weather concerns for today. We're expecting to reach up to 98 degrees for our high today, and winds NE 10-15 mph. The UV index will stay elevated to dangerous levels as well. Today's UV INDEX will be at "11" - which is considered extreme. So limiting sun exposure will be key to dealing with these elevated levels.

Tonight the skies will stay mainly clear as temps slowly begin to drop. Temps are expected to drop to the 70s and eventually the upper 60s during the overnight hours. Winds will continue to push from the NE 5-10 mph.

Tomorrow the sunshine continue as may push us up to the century mark. Highs will push to 99 degrees and we expect highs to reach 100 by Friday. Sunny skies staying the main feature of our weather pattern for the next few days in a row; chances of rain at 10% or less.


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