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Longtime Jackson brick company facing foreclosure

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

One of Jackson's oldest and most reliable businesses has stopped production because it's insolvent. Tri-State Brick Company, located just north of I-220 near Forest Avenue ended production June 19. 

There was a time, as recently as 2004, they were making 80 million bricks a year here. But, we talked with plant manager David Lancaster in 2008 when the housing crash had started the business on a downward spiral. 

"I would say it's off 40 or 50 percent. This time last year we were doing close to a million bricks a week, and like I was telling you a while ago we are down to about 800,000," said Lancaster. 

The company no longer manufactures bricks, but are still open, trying to sell their inventory.  The foreclosure paperwork appeared in the paper June 18. They stopped production June 19. 

Tri-State Brick put out a statement late Wednesday afternoon which said, "The collapse of the housing market, beginning in 2006, and rising cost of production began to erode the financial stability of the company resulting in insolvency." 

A bricklayer from Jackson, who has been laying brocks for 40 years, says he's sad to see Tri-State Brick in financial difficulty. 

"I sure hate Tri-State is going out of business, they would get the material on the job out there when you needed it. If they say it would be there this evening at a certain time, it would be there," said J.W. Clayton.  

So, a family business that has been here since 1945 is facing foreclosure. Tri-State Brick hit by the loss of business when the housing boom went bust. 

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