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Women unearth their worth at buried treasures home ministry

BYRAM, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A small group of women gather together daily for Bible study and devotion. With eyes closed and heads bowed each woman says a prayer. There's something unique and special about the women sitting together. Throughout each of their lives they've struggled with various addictions, abuse and pain.

"I've disappointed and let down so many people I've been in and out of jails and rehabs," said Bridget Greer.

"I spent five years in the Mississippi Correctional Facility," said Crystal Wiesen.

Wiesen is one of the women getting help from the "Buried Treasures Home Ministry." "Buried Treasures Home Ministry" is a non-profit, one year, Christian based, residential discipleship program located on 65 acres in Byram.

In addition to learning to live Christian lives, the women receive counseling and are encouraged to finish school.

Wiesen arrived to the "Buried Treasures Home Ministry" after being released from jail in June. With no place to go, she said this was the only place to accept her.

"When I saw this place I knew I had to come to a place that would help me get on my feet and become the person I need to be," said Wiesen.

Nicki Benz said God placed the "Buried Treasures Home Ministry," on her and her husband's heart more than a decade ago.

"God choose us to do this ministry we believe that for sure." There was a time in their lives when they thought they were just trash and we pray that when they leave here they genuinely know that they're treasures," said Benz.

After fighting drug abuse for thirty years, Michell Moss arrived to "Buried Treasures," last September. She said the ministry has helped her re-store broken relationships, including a divine bond she'd never experienced before.

"Now I know that I am worthy and my life does mean something to me today," said Moss.

Each of the women that come through the "Buried Treasures Home Ministry" shares a cabin with another lady. Most of the belongings in the cabins like the furniture and the clothes have all been donated.

"By the time I think of something we need somebody's already bringing it over," said Benz.

Benz said over the years only 10% of women have completed the one year program, but her newly found treasures are optimistic they'll make it through the end.    

Buried Treasures Home Ministry is a part of the First Baptist Church in Jackson.

To learn more about the program, contact Nicki Benz at 888-932-5505. You can also go online to www.buriedtreasurehome.com


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