Renardo Sidney: What went wrong? - - Jackson, MS

Renardo Sidney: What went wrong?

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

In an exclusive interview with WLBT Sports, former Mississippi State basketball star Renardo Sidney talked about his troubles on and off the court.

He said it all started when he was ruled ineligible to play at state his freshman year.

"And when they ruled me ineligible, I kinda lost it," Sidney said. "I just stopped doing all the stuff I was doing; working hard, not going to practice and not listening to nobody and hard headed."

Sidney also talked about what went wrong in his career and what he is doing to change his image.

"Just my mindset. I think I had an okay season my sophomore season but my last year I mean it just went up in flames," Sidney said. "I tried to come back but it was like the devil just had a hold of me. I couldn't do nothing. I couldn't get my game back right. I couldn't lose weight. I couldn't get my attitude right. Like I said I wasn't listening to nobody. Hard headed that's all it was."

Sidney played two years at Mississippi State.

You can see more of that exclusive interview on WLBT Sports Friday at 6 PM and 10 PM.

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