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Wednesday's Child Success Story - Lincoln County

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This Independence Day 11 children are celebrating their independence from foster care. Mass adoptions are held around the state each year. The most recent was held Friday at the Lincoln County Chancery Court Building. On this week's Wednesday's Child , 8 adoptive families are also celebrating new additions to their homes.

It's the day these families have hoped and prayed for.

"It's a long hard road. These kids have been through a lot and all they need is a good home and love and stability", said Teresa Fulcher an adoptive mother. 

The Fulcher family of Brandon has adopted 3 children.

"They didn't do anything wrong and just somebody there to help them, just show them, give them a chance", Barry Fulcher an adoptive father said.

"Like I told her she might not have come from my tummy but she sure comes from my heart", said Teresa Fulcher.

The judge would not allow our cameras into the Chancery Courtroom. Adoptive families filed inside making it legal and official for 11 children.

"We have several kids from the ages of 22 down to 16. And when they came into the house it just like revived the whole household", said adoptive mother, Angelia Nelson.

"Madison has been with us since birth and she's now 18 months old and it has been an amazing journey. From day one she did blend with our family. My daughter Amber took to her, started babysitting her like right off, I mean instantly", adoptive mother Terri Smith said.

"You're sweet ain't you? laughter", said proud grandfather, Robert T. Smith.

"Going into this we knew nothing about it but like my wife said, they walked us through it and they stayed with us the whole time", adoptive father Christopher Nelson said.

After all the papers are signed, the families joined adoption and social workers for a balloon launch. Pink and blue balloons represent the boys and girls who are released from foster care into permanent homes.

Another mass adoption is scheduled for September. Adoption workers say that's when they hope to bring permanency to approximately 20 more children who have been waiting for their forever families.

To learn more about children waiting to be adopted, call the Mississippi Adoption Resource Exchange at 1-800-821-9157.

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