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Car breakins rattle apartment tenants

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The Highland View apartment complex is a place where tenants nurse potted back porch flowers and gather for a chat in the neighborhood gazebo. They don't plan to let crime seep in, and chip away at their well-being.

"I try to keep it clean and neat, the best I can," says Annie Houston, who has been living in the complex for five years. It's a HUD-subsidized apartment complex for the elderly and disabled.

Houston says she is an eyewitness to what's been happening at Highland View, just within the past two weeks.

"The night they stole the man's car over here, I was looking out my window. Six of them came through here three nights in a row at 11:00. The same six came back the next night. I fear that we're not safe," she says.

Bernice Course woke up Tuesday morning to find her Toyota Camry missing. She called police.

"He put me in the police car, we went right around the corner to the next apartment, Wood Village. There my car was, sitting in the middle of the road," she says. "How did they crank my car without the keys, I don't know."

Course believes they tried to take her friend's car first. The ignition of that car is ripped up from an attempted theft.

The Wood Village apartment complex is right next door to Highland View. Tenants of Highland View say it's not hard for a young person to jump the fence, then make it over to the sidewalk, and to their homes.

Tenants say managers have promised a fence along a stretch of woods to keep trespassers out. But tenant Tracy Ford says they've waited long enough.

"We need a fence all the way around. We got folks constantly walking through here, all time of night. Folks' cars have been stolen out here before. Folks have been broken into. Something need to be did about it," he says. 

3 On Your Side is still awaiting a response from management. 

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