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Jackson councilman speaks about JFD investigation & rap video

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

In the first few scenes of Hollywood Luck's rap video, "Pole in my Pants," you see a fire truck slowly turn into a parking lot. A man wearing a fireman's gear gets out of the fire engine, then he takes off a helmet and jacket before going into a night club.

Much of the emblems and writing on the gear is blurred from view.

The video has been taken off YouTube, but the controversy about the rap video continues.

After watching a portion of the video, Jackson Ward 1 City Councilman Quentin Whitwell said he wanted to more facts to come to light before making a final judgement.

"I just don't think it's right to use public property and something that the citizens of the city of Jackson own, that's supposed to be used for putting out fires for music videos," says Whitwell.

Jackson Assistant Fire Chief R. D. Simpson tells WLBT there is an internal investigation being conducted to determine if a JFD fire engine was used in the video and who might have allowed it to happen. Simpson says JFD became aware of the racy video earlier this week and a copy is in their possession.  No time table has been set on when the investigation might be wrapped up. If someone is found responsible for the truck being in the video, they could be fired.

The owner of Freelon's, where the video was shot, says a music video was shot there but couldn't say if a fire engine was used. He claims to have been inside during the video production.

In the meantime, Whitwell says it may be time for Jackson leaders to take a more active role when serious allegations are made involving city property and employees. 

He says the city council has investigative powers but they have not used them.

"We've allowed the administration and his staff to kind of look into things internally, but it seems like a lot more things are going on here that are out of control and maybe we need to get it under control."

Whitwell believes the fire department, as a whole, is doing a good job. He hopes the investigation will not hurt hard working firefighters.

"These guys really deserve better and who ever it was that put them and put the Jackson Fire Department's name and reputation on the line, they need to be held accountable."

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