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Jackson church hosts food giveaway

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A long line of cars waited in the heat along Prentiss Street Saturday morning. 400 families were pre-screened, their need confirmed, and they're all getting at least three boxes per family of food and toiletries.

The Jackson Revival Center Church opens its food pantry every week to the disadvantaged.

"A lot of people focus on feeding hungry people during the holidays. But the need exists 365 days a year, especially with children being out of school right now," says Senior Pastor Jennifer Biard. "All of the children don't have transportation to the feeding sites. If they wouldn't be getting boxes like this today, they wouldn't be getting food in the home for proper nutrition."

This weekend, the effort is larger than usual. That's largely due to the help of a larger-than-life NBA star, Monta Ellis. He's a Lanier High School graduate.

"I'm proud to say Monta is my nephew," says Volunteer Ruby Denson. She's a member of the church, and she's helping to load boxes into the assembly line of car trunks.

"(The recipients) are all smiling. They're excited. We are too," Denson says.

The recipients are thankful for the assistance.

"We have several out of work, several elderly parents and friends that don't have much," says Mary Johnson, as she drives through and gets loaded with boxes. "Just a means of taking care of family. Being able to feed friends and family when we wouldn't ordinarily be able to."

The church is hoping to keep hungry families fed for as long as they need the assistance.

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