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Jackson church helps homeowners with major home repairs

Jackson resident Ginnette Robinson has lots of extra company and noise in her house this week. Robinson's house, located in the Broadmoor neighborhood is the site of a major make-over.

On Monday cracked walls were plastered and the kitchen was torn up and prepped for brand new flooring, cabinets and appliances.

"I can't believe it because I really couldn't believe it when he said all new appliances, I'm like what!" said Robinson.

Robinson doesn't have to pay a penny for the repairs.

"Feels good, wow, makes chill bumps go through me," said Robinson.

Volunteers from Redeemer Church are devoting their week to fixing up Robinson's house. The project is called "Mission to Broadmoor." Leaders from Redeemer originally planned to take a mission trip to Liberia, but because of the costs they decided to make a difference right here at home.

"Every one of our workers on our team have raised $1,000 a piece to put into the work of the house just like we would over there," said Redeemer's Assistant Pastor Steve Lanier.

Ms. Robinson originally thought she was only going to get a new roof and new kitchen cabinets. However, she found out that everything structurally unsound in and outside of her home, including old rotten windows is being repaired.

"I said if you do the roof I'll be happy and so all of this other stuff just came out of this and I just said thank you Jesus," said Robinson.

Pastor Lanier said the church decided to fix up Robinson's home because she's a dedicated and very involved member of Redeemer.

"She's active in the neighborhood and so we want to do the best we can to keep her in this neighborhood to make it a worthy place to live," said Pastor Lanier told.

Redeemer member Helen Gross is also getting a new kitchen.

"It makes me very happy you know to know that somebody cares enough to do all this," said Gross.

"It's exciting," said Robinson.

The work to both homes should be complete this week. Pastor Lanier said the ultimate goal is to help more Broadmoor homeowners with their home repair needs.

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