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Laser services

Facial Rejuvenation reaches new heights.

Innovative laser and light source technology… Superior, effective skin care products and “spa” aesthetics.

Introducing our signature, PLATINUM SERIES A high level, full featured spa “turn around” for younger looking skin.

SERIES includes six spa visits that include our most in- demand de-aging non-ablative skin therapy treatments to ultimately resolve concerns with wrinkles, unwanted hair, facial veins, and sun spots. Treatments that enhance the quality and effectiveness of your personal At- Home Skin Care Programe; all included in one SERIES package price of $2,400.00. Includes face, neck and hands each 90 minute visit. Invest in the knowledge of aesthetic experience working in tandem with innovative laser technology. Ask for the Platinum SERIES Package and “The skin you thought was gone forever” will return.


Mini” SERIES Full Face of Six Laser Genesis Skin Therapy      

 Maintenance                                                                  1,800.00

Non-Ablative Laser Genesis Skin Therapy                  Each    350.00

     Partial Face Genesis Skin Therapy for

     Rosacea, Acne, or Neckline or lip                                        200.00

XEO Pulsed Light

       Solar Brown Pigmented Lesion, Sun Spots                        250.00

Laser Hair Reduction                                                           175.00

Laser Vein Treatment                                                          175.00

Micro – dermabrasion,  Face or neckline and Chest or Hands                100.00

Pro Glycolic, Lactic, or Enzyme Peel,                       Each  100.00

Botox,* One Site                                                               300.00

Line Fillers, Pricing on consultation with MD

Minimum charges: pricing on consultation for individual concerns.

$50 Consultation Fee (non-refundable) applied to first Laser visit.

$50 Credit Card confirmation (non-refundable) for all missed appointments.

Cancellation policy in effect.

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