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Taking Back Our Neighborhood - East Street blight

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

This taking back our neighborhood report takes us to a south Jackson subdivision called Alta Woods, specifically 2015 East Street. A homeowner who lives across the street called 3 On Your Side for help getting someone to do something about the eyesore.

Eliza Johnson is proud to call Alta Woods home. She moved here two years ago. She's not proud of what she has to look at when she walks out of her front door.

"I'm not sure who the owner is, but I have called the city of Jackson to have them place it on order because it is in my front yard," said Johnson.

Checking the Hinds County tax assessor's land roll, we found the 2015 East Street belongs to Duran Investments, Inc. There was no phone number listed, only a P.O. Box. It is just one of many abandoned houses taking root in this neighborhood. This one, 1900 East Street, has been heavily damaged by fire for quite some time. It even has a nuisance notice from the city tacked onto the front of the house. Johnson believes that's one of the reasons she recently became a crime victim.

"My garage, my extended garage was broken into on last Friday," said Johnson. "...And I'm thinking that because there's so much blight and so many opportunities for individuals to hide out, they gained access to the garage."

Johnson is also concerned for the safety of the children in this neighborhood. There are snakes and broken glass among other things in the tall grass and she says kids walk through.

"The only way we're going to bring about change, I can call in a crime and report somebody breaking into my garage, but is that gonna stop them from coming back? But, if we begin to clean up our neighborhood, that will maybe deter them," said Johnson

She doesn't blame city officials for her predicament, even though she was told by community improvement officials there was a hold on the bidding process.

"This is a widespread problem. Once they even start the process of getting back out to clean up, how long will it take before they get to us?" said Johnson.

"We want to see change. We want to live in a neighborhood, you know, it may be a poverty stricken neighborhood, but it's our place of residence and we want it to be nice."

I called city of Jackson spokesperson, Quita Bride, for a status report on the blighted homes on East Drive. She said she would investigate and let me know. We will keep you posted.

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