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Hello Laser, Goodbye Razor



FDA cleared permanent hair reduction

Laser hair removal uses a low-energy laser light to target the pigment in the hair follicles so that laser hair removal treatment can effectively prevent regrowth of unwanted body hair. Laser treatments can last anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours depending on the size of the area being treated. With the exception of the region close to the eye, almost any area of the body with excess hair can be treated with lasers. Some of the most common areas for laser treatment are the face, upper lip, neck, chest, underarms, back and abdomen.

Clients may choose one of two options:

Option 1

Paying for initial and follow-up treatments at the time the service is rendered. Treatment is continued until the desired result is achieved. In this case an initial visit and 5 to 10 follow-up treatments spaced approximately three and a half to eight weeks apart (or as hair grows back) are recommended.

Option 2

Clients may purchase laser time in 20-minute increments for $175.00. Twenty minutes includes pre-treatment, post treatment and actual laser time. Minimum charge is $175.00.

$50.00 Consultation fee non-refundable applied to first laser visit.

$50.00 Credit card non-refundable for all missed appointments.

Cancellation policy in effect.

What to expect after Laser Hair Removal Treatment:

Avoid bathing or washing with very hot water. Use tepid water. 

You may feel like you have a mild or moderate sunburn.  Minor crusting or minor peeling of the surface layers of the skin is not unusual.  Hydrocortisone cream and aloe vera gel may help with redness or inflammation of the skin.

Keep the area clean. Wash gently.

Avoid direct sun exposure after treatment.  If yo do fo in the sun, protect the treated areawith a sunscreen of 30 SPF or higher.

Do not shave the treated area for at least four days after treatment.  Do not wax, pluck or use depatones for the hair that grows back.  After laser treatment, hair may continue to grow as if it were not treated.  Typically, this will occur for about two weeks, then hairs will simply begin to fall out. 

Avoid any medication or chemicals partically on the face.  Examples of these are Retina-A and Bensoyl peroxide.  


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