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Walt's Look Around: Grand Gulf Military Park

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Grand Gulf Military Park will no doubt get a lot of attention next year when the 150th anniversary of the Vicksburg Campaign of the Civil War is commemorated. Much of what is left of the town where General Grant had intended on landing his invasion force to circle in behind Vicksburg's back door is in the park.

Last May, the Mississippi River invaded Grand Gulf with the water going about 4 bricks high inside the museum and leaving everything pretty much in disarray.

But as with most disasters, what other choice do you have afterward than to pick up the pieces and put them back better. And that's just what's been done at Grand Gulf. The Museum had the chance to be completely cleaned out and de-cluttered. And honed down to the subjects that are most on target to the theme of the park. There are several curiosities here, however. Like a hand written letter from George Washington. You don't get to see George Washington's John Hancock just everyday. And new to the museum, from Sid Champion's collection, a couple of checks signed by Jefferson Davis.

My Granddaughter is my traveling buddy this summer. We make a trade. I listen to Y101 for her, but we go where I want to go. And show her things she needs to see and I get to tell her stories about things I think she needs to know about. And Grand Gulf is one of those places she, and we, need to know about.

This is where the Civil War started to come to an end. Where General Grant made his commitment to capture Vicksburg and take back the Mississippi River and split the South in two.

This is where historic buildings still stand that were here while all of this was still a Spanish Colony. There is an old settler's log cabin that is preserved in the park. Plus St. Joseph's Catholic Church relocated here from Rodney decades ago, which would have been drowned had it been left in Rodney from last year's Mississippi flood.

Besides, the park is just scenic and peaceful. The governor is wanting us to go see Mississippi. Well, for a three-buck admission for adults, two for kids, it would be hard to see much more for so little.

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